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Things you should understand before learning the Bass guitar

First things first, you need to tune your bass. it's not gonna sound right if your bass is not in tune.

Bass guitar has only four strings. Even more on guitar, it's very helpful to be able to find the letter notes on the bass.

Open Strings

The open strings are the strings that you play without you touching your fret board.

here are the list of the open strings for bass

E - First string

A - second string

D - third string

G - fourth string

So always remember "Eddie Ate Dynamite Goodbye "

Now, just like guitars, bass has a fret board too. The only difference is that bass has 4 strings while guitar has 6.

Now the most important in playing the bass is playing the roots..

The roots of the chord, just like any other instrument, bass also have a lowest the foundational chord or the progression.

so it is very important to identify the basic notes. If you want to know more of this, I suggest to sign up for a class so that you can be guided.

Now lets talk about the steps

Whole Steps - It is played by skipping a whole fret from you root note

Half Step - its a way to play your bass by going from you root note to the next possible fret. So you can do a half step up and down.

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Know what music you want to play

It is also very important that you know what kind of music will you be playing. because if you planning to play just funk music there is a better bass guitar to use in doing so.

Also once you know all of this basic information you might want to find a good teacher

and start will an easy beginners bass lesson can be a good idea.

Even for only 30 mins a day, it is incredibly important to practice your instrument consistently. You may also check out our YouTube channel for more tips in tricks on how to effectively play your bass guitar.

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