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Terms you need to know in studying Guitar

Quarter Notes

In standard music notation, a note is used to represent a tone, and the duration of that note is determined by its value. One of the most fundamental note values in music is the quarter note.


Measures are groups of notes enclosed by vertical bar lines that are

used to separate music into sections of equal value. These divisions are determined by the meter, or number of beats per measure. A beat is considered to be a strong pulsation of sound that is often constant throughout a piece of music. Modern music will commonly have either two, three, or four beats per measure.

Time Signature

The time signature of a song, represent by two, vertically stacked numbers, will determine both the meter and the value that will define the beat. The top number designates the meter while the bottom number designates the value of the beat. Time signatures will always be found at the beginning of a piece of music. here are some of the most commonly used time signatures


2/4 two beats per measure. Each beat is a quarter value.

3/4 three beats per measure. Each beat is a quarter value.

4/4 Four beats per measure. Each beat is a quarter value.


The speed of the beat for any musical piece is determined by its tempo, which is represented by a number. This number is a description of beats per minute (bpm).

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