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Practice utility ; Isolate a Difficult Spot

If you are having difficulty and pausing somewhere in the music, take some time to focus on the place where the trouble occurs.

You should not start over at the beginning whenever you make a mistake. Instead, isolate the difficult spot by working with a smaller piece of the music that surrounds the place where you are pausing.

After you have worked out the issue, you'll be ready to play through a larger section of the music. Use practice Utility for any place in the music that is holding up your progress. If you can learn to go right to the problem spot and fix it, you will be using your practice time well, and you will increase the speed of your progress.

Exercise 1

The first exercise is written in 3/4 meter, so there are three beats in a measure and a quarter note is counted as one beat. Some of the measures include picking symbols and count numbers to help you with alternating your picking direction for the odd note groups.

We'll break this music into sections for practice. Use your Practice to work on the first four measures.

Practice Utility 1 : Say the name and address of each note out loud.

Practice Utility 2 : For your first warm - up play, concentrate on your technique.

Practice Utility 3 : Play and sing the pitch letter names.

Practice Utility 4 : Play and sing the beat numbers.

Practice Utility 5 : Isolate a difficult spot.

Use your practice utilities to work on the last five measures.

If you have worked on each of the sections and can play each without pausing, let's play through the entire exercise. If you are having difficulty playing through exercise 2 without pausing, use Practice Utility 5 and isolate any problem areas.

When you have worked through the tough spots, play the exercise again with n improvement in the timing and continuity of the music.

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