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Pentatonics; Guitar Hacks

The first scale most guitarist learn when they begin to explore the world of improvisation is often the Minor Pentatonic scale, usually it's A Minor or E minor form.

While the scale usually is A minor or E minor form. This scale is much of rock and blues music for the best part of a century, in the modern guitar playing it deserves a more thorough exploration through new pentatonic concepts, ideas and insights.

In truth many guitarist barely scratched the surface when it comes to pentatonic scales. this article will talk about the some of the major and minor pentatonic boxes.

How can I play the Minor Pentatonic Scale over almost anything.

You probably won't think to play box 1 of the minor pentatonic over a major or even a major 7 or major 9 chords, but here's how you can get away with it, and sound slick into bargain.

Here we see a G Major scale from the nut to the 12th fret. As you may know, C major / c Major7 is the IV chord in the key G Major. Check out the contents of the blue square. Can you play B Minor over a C major/c major7 chord ? Of course you can, it's going to sound cool because of the intervals your targeting.

See this Minor Pentatonic scale boxes.

There's no root note in the scale, but you've got the 9th (2nd) the 7th and the 4th Lydian-esque sound. Don't play your usual minor pentatonic licks ( do try them though because they'll sound sick) and spend some time getting hold of the sound.

Check the sample above. Do you see what I see? Yes ! it's the most overused shape in guitar history, The A minor Pentatonic box 1 which can now be played pve C Major /Major7. The root note C does feature here, and we've also got the major 3rd, 6th, 9th and the 5th.

Speaking of, here is a quick video tip from Chris himself.

Video Title :5 e shapes that you can move up the neck

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