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How to use the CAGED system in your guitar solos.

Caged system is a cool and not too complicated way to play a guitar. It helps players understand the guitar. You might want to know first what is Caged system.

Caged system allows you to visualize and connect the guitar fretboard up and down the neck.

Think of it like a map. A map is just information, it doesn't have instructions, it doesn't tell you what to do, but you can use the map to make your own decisions like where you want to go and what direction you want to head. It's the same way in caged system.

Lets start...

Basic Shapes

The Caged guitar method is made up of five (5) open chord shapes.

  • C Chord

  • A Chord

  • G Chord

  • E Chord

  • D Chord

That is why it is called CAGED

These open chords form is moveable, which means it can be played either up and down the fretboard. This is also done by barring the notes that fall on the same fret.

Some of the barred chord shapes will look familiar, particularly the E form and A form. And some barred chords are shaped on different string.

But let’s first take a look at each shape in its open form, then we’ll look at how to move the shape up and down the fretboard.

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Taking this concept of moveable chord shapes and applying it to a single chord is where the usefulness of the CAGED system is fully realized. This is what maps out the fretboard in a logical way because any given chord can be played all over the fretboard using the CAGED chord forms. Further, each chord shape connects to the previous following a set pattern.

Example ;

C form connects to A form

A form connects to G form

G form connects to E form


E form connects to D form

There are more information that you should know in order to learn playing the Cages Method properly.

In order to best learn the guitar fretboard, we need patterns and shapes that allow us to easily visualize how the notes/intervals are laid out. The CAGED system takes care of this for us. By learning the CAGED system, you can easily visualize the entire fretboard and play in any position on the neck using familiar chord shapes and scale patterns.

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Here is a sample clip A little clip for you to practice your solos or working on the CAGED method;

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