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How to practice scales

Practicing your instrument is something that we musicians needs to do if we want to improve our skills. So today I want to encourage and help you to practice these scales in the following ways:

  1. Get three patterns down. This simply means transferring them off the screen / paper and onto the fretboard and into your head. When you no longer need to refer to the diagrams , you've successfully done this. This will enable you to join up the three patterns, joining up seven patterns and open up the fretboard for when you go to improve with this scales.

  2. Changing between scales. Another essential practice technique is to run all the patterns in the same position; for example , chose 3 or so scales you want to practice and run the first position of each of these scales, then the second position and so on.

Scale Section

This section contains the nuts and bolts of this article; three patterns for the most useful scales you can know on Guitar, and which will have you covered in pretty much any situation where you need to improve or come up solo.

You may not realize it but 3NPS scales are incredibly ear friendly. Why ? Think about it, we have an equal number of notes per string, the same picking patterns on each string, and the same three core patterns for each scale. This means that the connection between your ear and your fingers is reinforced through the consistent application of 3NPS scales, meaning you'll soon be able to play what you hear in your head as the notes will be where our fingers think they are.

As we're dealing with three core patterns, you'll also be able to distinguish and change between scales more easily as it's much easier to keep track where the changes are.

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