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How important finger exercise before playing your Guitar

Some of the best guitarist in the world acknowledge the importance of finger exercise. One of the best practices that a guitarist should do is to warm up their fingers in order to unlock a next level of performance.

When it comes to hand and finger exercises, many believe that you need to have an extreme amount of strength . That is not true. The emphasis of strength is typically happening at the expense of flexibility which can create long term problems and affects your capabilities of playing.

The results are hand cramps, imbalance and joint pains. Because they use too much tension in their hands causing them to get tired easily and plays a lot faster than it should be.

In this article I am going to share some of the great techniques to do finger exercise before playing your guitar.

See this video for reference :

Basic Warm up for 15 Minutes

  1. Warm up your body by just walking around the room or up and down the stairs. Do some circular movements to stretch your shoulders ( 5 Minutes)

  2. Stretch your hands and fingers following the video above (2 Minutes)

  3. Slowly practice your fretting and just get your fingers moving on the fret board (3 Minutes)

  4. Practice more advance scales, and pick up the pace with licks or some improvisation ( 5 Minutes)

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