Guitar Tuning

As a new player, you may wonder how often you should tune the guitar. The guitar is a very portable instrument, but traveling with the guitar will nearly always put the instrument out of tune.

Temperature, humidity, and string stress may also contribute to an out of tune guitar. So before you practice, before you play, every time you pick up the instrument, you must check the tension of each string first. If a string is set at the right tension, when you play the string open so that it vibrates at it's full length, it will sound out the correct pitch.

Your first task is to listen to the sound of the correct pitch E as it plays; listen to the note without playing string number 6 on your guitar just yet.

After you have focused on the correct pitch, play string number 6 on your guitar and try to determine whether the pitch is higher or lower that the note sounding from the tuning video.

You may find that using your voice and humming each sound in turn will help you more easily determine the difference between the notes. If you determine that the pitch sounding on string number 6 is too high, then the string is too tight and needs to be loosened. Find the peg for string number 6 and turn it so the post turn and unrolls a tiny portion of string, loosening the string and decreasing the tension; this wo;; lower the pitch. If you determined that the pitch sounding on string number 6 is too low, then the string is too loose and needs to be tightened.

Find the peg for string number 6 and turn it so the post turns and rolls up a tiny portion of the string, tightening the string and increasing the tension; this will raise the pitch.

Repeat this testing process as many times as needed until the pitch sounding from the video and the pitch sounding from your guitar are identical. when you have a match, the tension of string number 6 on your guitar is correct, and the string is in tune. Repeat this process for the other strings on your guitar, tuning each adjacent string in turn, 5,4,3,2 and finally, string 1.

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