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E Open - 3/4 Meter - Quarter Rest

We'll move down our musical alphabet one more letter to the note E. Find string number 1 on your guitar and play the string open.

On the staff, E is the pitch that sits in the top space.

3/4 Meter

This line is displaying 3/4 meter. This meter says that there are three beats in a measure and that a quarter note is counted as one beat.

Practice Measure 1

If you look at the first practice measure, you can see that there are three quarter notes in the measure.

The first quarter note falls on beat number 1, and since a quarter note only lasts for one beat, the not e ends right when you play the next quarter note, which falls on beat number 2.Beat number 2 ends right when you play beats number 3, which lasts until beat number 1 in the next measure. Play this measure now and count out loud as you play each beat.

Remember to play 'legato'.

Quarter Rest

Practice measure 2 shows a new symbol, which falls on beat number 2. A quarter rest tells a musician to use silence for one beat. So on beat number 2 in this measure, you must stop the string form vibrating.

We will use two methods for dampening the string.

Palm Mute

If you are holding the guitar correctly, then the heel of your picking hand is placed on the bridge. When you alternate your picking direction, you should be pivoting from side to side at the point where the heel of your palm and your wrist meet.

When you are in the right position, the heel of your palm is set just behind the bridge saddle. You may have found that if the heel of your palm is set just in front of the saddle, the notes will sound dampened. If your palm is set further over the strings, the notes will not ring at all.

Let's use the technique of palm muting to initiate the rest on the beat number 2.

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