D Third Fret Metric Pulses in 4/4

If we continue to follow the musical alphabet downward, we arrive at the pitch D, which is just below the pitch E in the alphabet. Since the pitch E is played open, we can't play a lower pitch on string number 1, so to continue playing through the musical alphabet, we have to move over to string number 2.

Find string number 2 on your guitar and place the third finger of your fretboard hand just behind fret number 3. You should be pressing down with your fingertip, and your finger should be well arched.

The note you are holding is D Third Fret.

The note D is written on the fourth line of the staff.

While you are holding D Third Fret, let's play through some musical examples.


These practice measure contain familiar rhythm. The symbols for picking direction and the numbers for counting with the meter are included as reminders while you play.

Metric Pulses in 4/4

There is a common arrangement of strong and weak pulses that define the metric nature of music played in 4/4 time. Beat number 1 is the strongest pulse, beat number 2 is weak, beat number 3 is a medium pulse, and beat number 4 is weak.