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Bass ; Speed, Accuracy & Technique

This article is deigned to gradually enhance three essential components of the modern bassist - speed, accuracy and technique. regardless of the musical genre that you are exploring, whether it be jazz, blues, rock, metal, country or otherwise, these three categories should all be in harmony to allow you to play your best. The exercises contained within this article will not only train the fingers of your fretting hand, but will also enhance your picking techniques and create synonymous movement between the two.


The ability to play fast will enable you to add energy and excitement to your music. I will put some exercise in this article to help you increase your ability to quickly move your fingers in different patterns. Many players can already move their playing. This is why speed must be accompanied by accuracy.


One of the most difficult components to master is accuracy. Every note should be clearly audible and each finger should react as desired to play ant particular note. Training the fingers to do this is a task that requires much patience and often very slow playing at first. Numerous finger patterns are given to achieve a high level of accuracy when moving across the strings, transferring to adjacent strings, or skipping over strings.


The most versatile players have a large array of techniques that they use to create a unique and professional sound. The most common of these techniques include slides, hammer-on, and pull-offs. The goal of these exercises is to train the fretting hand to easily use these techniques at different speeds and between different fingers. To ensure accurate picking, the appropriate pattern of downstrokes and upstrokes will always be notated.

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