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7 Beginners guide in Playing Guitar.

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

So one day you decided to pick up a guitar and started to strum its strings but you clinched your teeth because it doesn't sound right. You pick up your phone and google " Beginners guide in playing guitar" and so many articles, videos and tips shows up on your search results. It's too overwhelming I know.

I will tell you honestly, learning guitar is not easy, it requires a lot of patience and practice to master it. To make your learning journey much more easier, I will give you 7 best beginners guide that you might need in Playing your guitar.

1. Identify the parts of your guitar.

If your an absolute beginner and never held a guitar before, it is necessary to know first your guitar parts. It will help you learn fast and understand what you are learning by understanding the names of every part of it. It's like knowing each names of your classmates in school. You need to know every names to understand how to play it. The picture below will help you identify each part.

2. Have someone tune your guitar.

To start learning, you need your guitar to be in tune, or else you are trying to strum your string and will never hear the chord that your trying to play. When your a beginner most likely you do not know anything about tuning. Have someone help you tune your guitar for you, so that its easier for you to proceed in learning and playing your first note.

3.Learn the guitar playing position.

It is very important to be comfortable when you play your guitar. whether your right handed or left handed, that doesn't matter as long as you are comfortable in playing your guitar. Make sure you warm up your fingers and your arms to avoid muscle cramps and drink a lot of water while you practice. It will also help your flexibility especially on your fingers.

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4. Familiarize the guitar Strings

In playing guitar you also need to familiarize the strings. It is very important since you will use that in reading guitar chords charts. See picture below to guide you for your guitar strings.

5. Familiarize the Frets.

I know memorizing sucks, so you don't have to memorize everything, but you can familiarized it. Since you now know your strings and their chords, you also need the frets in reading your guitar chords chart. Here is picture to guide you in familiarizing your frets.

Each number represents your frets. the first fret is located just beside your nut. Easy right ?

6. Reading Guitar Chord chart

So this is now the fun part, if you familiarized your string and frets. You can now start reading the guitar chord chats. Just one strum in every chord. listen how it sound and try to practice every chords. Step by step you can get a hang of it. The chart below shows major chords that are super easy for beginners like you to memorize.

7. Find a good mentor.

There are so much things to master in playing guitar, and that might overwhelmed you, so I advise to have someone mentor and guide you, that way you can easily improve and play your instrument correctly. Professional guitar teachers has a way to create a lesson plan tailored specifically for you.

You can search on google or Youtube for a bunch of tutorial videos but most of the time they are just showing you general information and lessons. In depth Guitar lessons are super affordable. Check out Little Chris Music and see how he suggest things for you. Its free to reach out to him. You can talk about things that he can recommend based on where you're at on your guitar knowledge.

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