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Mental Health and Music

​Handle your negative thoughts

As soon as you find yourself thinking a negative thought, stop yourself from thinking it. Keeping you hands and mind busy and occupied by doing task and playing music art or anything that you love to do helps you from hurting yourself and keep you out from negativity. Avoid negative triggers and negative people helps you keep yourself sane and positive. Complete your sleep, it will help you relax and avoid anxiety, irritable and angry. Listen to music at least 25 minutes a day can bring you into great mood and positive mindset.

​Music & The Brain

​Sound is the nutrient for the nervous system

- DR. Alfred Tomati

​Listening to music can decrease anxiety, speed healing , increase optimism and decrease pain. It also helps getting a incredible memory. Alzheimer's patients can recall and sing songs long after they've stopped recognizing names and faces. There is growing evidence that listening to music can help stimulate seemingly lost memories and even restore some cognitive functions. Music also boost creative energies through the production of alpha and theta waves. Large influxes of alpha waves induce states of enhanced creativity while theta waves are associated with dreaming, learning and relaxing. The key of boosting creative energies is to listen to the type of music you enjoy the most If your having a hard time with your mathematics it would make sense if you listen to some music while it stimulates more artistic and visual senses.

Music and Mental health during COVID

How does Music help our Mental Health ?

​Ever listen to a happy upbeat song and instantly feel better ? Being a musician, I can take this further and play our favorite tunes. taking yourself out of your usual routine to play some melodies that you enjoy will make you feel better and accomplished ! The physical act of playing your instrument will also instantly affect your brain. There are many studies on how playing a musical instrument can make your brain function better. Music can also be a great source of motivation. As a musician I can create sense of structure to your day by giving yourself a practice. I have my specific aims, such as learning a new scale or exercise of playing a new song that I never played before. Music can give me a clear focus. In this pandemic, I decided to connect virtually with social media by sharing my practice and videos of me playing while relaxing. It's vital when we are all in isolation.

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