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"Where words fail, Music Speaks" ~ Hans Christian Anderson.


For the last 34 years, I've played music, specifically the guitar, and I have always shared a special bond with music. I feel a connection to anyone I see strumming their feelings away on a guitar, and it's a connection that has lasted most of my life.


Music is my way of expression. It helps streamline my feelings when I'm not at my best or so overjoyed that I can't describe my experience. I can channel my emotional energy into the expression of art, and as a result, I toured the US and Europe and learned how to record and transcribe my music. Playing music and writing songs gave me a foundational knowledge of chord structure and scales and expanded my understanding of music theory. I have played with and learned from some of the best players around.


Today, I pour my creative energy into creating dynamic and engaging guitar lessons that help people experience the same joy I do. I am focusing more on helping people experience the same joy I did since I started strumming my first tune. With enough focus and willpower, anyone can learn to play the guitar (acoustic or electric), bass, ukulele, banjo, or mandolin.


This is my dream job, passing my experiences on to new musicians to help them grow into even more incredible musicians. I want to teach them songwriting, playing, and producing music in a way that makes them proud of themselves.


Everyone should play music to enjoy a personal version of their songs. It's not only cathartic but also brings serenity and peace. Music heals our souls and puts emotions in our words. It refreshes us, bringing positivity all around.


I want my platform to be a space for anyone who wants to polish their guitar skills or start from scratch. I cater to different skill levels and like to know where the learner stands before beginning lessons. Based on that, I prepare an individual learning plan that helps them grow and understand at their own pace. My task is to focus on each student's unique needs and help them enhance their abilities according to their caliber.


Even if you are slightly interested in learning music, you should have a go at it. You don't have to become a professional all at once or a professional at all. You can learn some easy songs and enjoy strumming a guitar in your leisure time. But, if you want to pursue it in the future, it is better to talk to your instructor about taking things to the next level. Whether it is learning the chords or becoming a rockstar, I am determined to make you fulfill your dreams.


That being said, to learn to play the guitar, we need to have a proper plan. And I am here to provide that plan and guidance to you. Within a few lessons from me, you can play the guitar confidently.

Chris Ekstedt

Teacher /Tutor

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